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Blockchain for Social Impact

What We Do
What We Do

The adoption of blockchain technology is paving the way toward solving fundamental societal problems. Blockchain initiatives can strengthen digital identities, improve value chains, reduce fraudulent elections, combat corruption, and preserve land and medical records. However, the perception of blockchain as a complex technology currently inhibits its application to tackle existing issues.


Impact Plus seeks to expand accessibility and knowledge of blockchain technology by linking international and local actors. We believe local players with deep societal understanding are well positioned to use this technology to build positive, effective, and sustainable solutions. Furthermore, we partner with international blockchain organisations to gain valuable support and expertise to maximize on-the-ground success.

We are currently based in Brazil, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria and South Africa. We are particularly proud of having been selected as Polygon's social impact arm.

Our Activities
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We provide reliable insights in blockchain for social impact. Our data-based analysis on the social impact of technology is based on collaboration with mentors and experts, and analyzing local and international players. Our analysts observe current blockchain projects to identify worthwhile initiatives. With the knowledge provided, the industry can move forward in a positive direction for all.

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We train developers and entrepreneurs to increase the general and technical understanding of blockchain. It is in the best interest of local players with deep societal understanding to implement this technology.  Simultaneously, public awareness and attracting positive media attention to the benefits of blockchain technology, can further accelerate successful adoption.

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We assist locally-led initiatives through funding, training and other identified means of development. Solutions must be designed and implemented in a way that is equitable, informed by local priorities, and based on local knowledge and expertise. By using a bottom-up approach, individuals and communities are able to  tailor solutions to their needs.

What makes Impact+ different


Drawing from 15+ years of experience, the team designs, prioritizes, and implements effective solutions. Throughout each project, our team learns how to manage obstacles more effectively, continuously monitoring, reviewing, and improving each one to ensure maximum social and environmental impact.


Our representatives work with local actors to identify potential use-cases and determine how they can best serve the community. As a result of its proximity, the project pays particular attention to the contexts of the local area, as well as the exchange of knowledge among communities of common background.


A transparent and ethical approach fosters open information sharing, accountability at all levels, and shared trust among stakeholders. We work together to create value and generate results that enable communities to grow and thrive.


Through a fluid and continuous dialogue with society, we gain insight into the expectations and interests of the communities where we operate, enabling us to become involved in their development and offer the best response for their needs. In each action, we commit to improving the lives of individuals, protecting the planet, and creating value.
Recent Events


We are inspired by the spirit and ambition of women in this ecosystem, and are confident that they will play a vital role in the success of social and tech development. The gender meet up had an impressive 140 attendees and a powerful message from Muskan Kalra, Lead Developer Relations at Polygon. She was joined by other incredibly talented women including Onalle Star from H.E.R. DAO, Sophia Adampour from Verse NFT Gallery, Lilli F from Crypto Manga P2E platform, and tech journalist and crypto author Laura Shin, to share their knowledge on blockchain and valuable insights for the future. A growing number of African women are taking part in the Web3 movement, bringing their cultures to the forefront and positively influencing society. 
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Our first Nairobi meet-up was a success! It was a packed event with special appearances by influential figures in the space. Polygon founders, Sandeep Nailwal and Mihailo Bjelic, and Enterprise Lead, Antoni Martin,  connected via web to share their inspiration behind the protocol and its future for social impact. The event covered all the basics of joining the community, the latest trends in Polygon, technical specs and developer opportunities. Over 70 attendees filled the room creating an ideal networking environment and a noteworthy buzz in the community.
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As part of our gaming for social impact development workshop, we showcased the talents of top developers from platforms around the world. Steven Bryson-Haynes, VP of Business Development NFT & Gaming at Polygon, shared ongoing projects achieving true social impact in the Web3 space. A total of 124 individuals attended the event, 40 on-site at Usiku Games in Nairobi, Kenya, and 84 via live stream from 17 countries in Africa including gaming centers in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Rwanda, Tunisia, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, and Côte d'Ivoire. Thus, we could reach the maximum number of potential candidates and have the most significant impact. 
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Who We Are
Who We Are
Our Principles

Impact+ is deeply devoted to promote and respect human rights by upholding a set of ethical values that represent the highest standards of excellence and integrity. We aim to advance human rights in communities where we work, emphasizing education, equality, freedom from oppression and violence, as well as giving communities a voice in the political process.

Impact + works to preserve humanity's intangible heritage, particularly in the digital realm, to ensure human rights, non-discrimination, and equal access to information. According to UNESCO, a language dies every two weeks, along with its vision of the world and a variety of intangible cultural assets. Despite the trends toward homogeneity in globalized societies and internationalized work processes, we believe  in safeguarding the world's linguistic and cultural variety.

Gender Equality

The Sahel region suffers from a significant gap between men and women when it comes to technology and availability. Considering the impact of technology on every aspect of development, women's technological illiteracy further limits their access to vital services, from health and education to government and human rights. Impact+  aims to address this issue by offering technical training and mentoring to women who work in technology or wish to join the ecosystem.


Impact+ is committed to socially responsible behavior that improves the lives of individuals, protects the planet, and creates value responsibly. A transparent and ethical approach is followed for every action in order to monitor the impact on society and human development. We focus heavily on societal advancement and improving collaboration between individuals, government agencies, and cultural organizations.

Cultural Sensitivity 

Impact+ strives to reduce emissions, increase efficiency, and integrate sustainability into every aspect of its operations. In addition to maintaining a commitment to our physical surroundings, sound environmental management implies a respect for and understanding of traditional uses of the land. Our collaboration with community interests allows us to understand and assess the environment holistically, in a way that represents and respects all interests. Our goal is to progressively achieve zero-waste and be carbon-neutral.

Our Team

Impact+ has cultivated a global team of international development experts, entrepreneurs, financial specialists, data analysts, and visionaries. We are driven by our passion for tech for good and maintaining the highest ethical standards for the blockchain ecosystem. Get to know a few of our core members below.

Aline is an expert in finance with ten years of experience in budgeting, variance analysis, reporting, accounting system implementation, and capacity building. She worked most of her career in Africa in the field of international development and donor management and regulation with Global Fund, USAID, DoD, DFID, KfW, and Dutch government.

Emory is an Industrial & Systems engineer with a Masters in Sustainable Business & Innovation. She has hands-on experience in project management, global quality and international sustainability programs. She focuses on driving positive impact with data-driven decisions. She has recent experience in development and current collaboration with the Africa DAO.

Ed holds a Ph.D. in War Studies and a Master of International Affairs. He founded the GeoAnalytics Center, a tech for good organization based in the Sahel. He worked in Africa for 10+ years with USAID and USIP and recently partnered with Ethereum Foundation and Polygon Hermez to research and assist Africa's crypto ecosystem.

Mireia is an international development expert and creative director. She has led tech-for-good projects at the World Bank and Mercy Corps, managing activities from conception to execution. At present, she is governor of the Africa DAO, works at the GeoAnalytics Center and is an NFT artist promoting access for African artists to the NFT market.

Jofre holds a Ph.D. in Comparative and International Studies and a Master of Research in Politics. His scholarly research focuses on international organization politics, quantitative data collection and processing methods, with a recent study on blockchain technology and its potential applications in Africa.

Get Involved
Growing the Ecosystem! Together, we can positively impact the blockchain ecosystem.
There are many ways to partner with us - from becoming a founding partner to sponsoring an event to developing a training and participating in an engagement program. We will work with you to design an ideal partnership that combines our respective expertise, ideas, and resources to maximise our efficiency and social impact in the community. 

Additionally, donating your time is a hugely valuable contribution to our work. Volunteers help strengthen our connection with communities around the world and support us in activities throughout the year.

If you are interested in exploring a partnership and other collaboration opportunities with us please get in touch with our team.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Please fill out the form below if you share our values and are interested in working together.  Our team looks forward to connecting with you!

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We are proud to have been selected as Polygon's social impact arm. 
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