“We see gaming as a launch pad for the education and future professional careers of at-risk-youth"

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Games+ is a socially oriented initiative that works with existing local structures such as community centers and university clubs to increase their sustainability and reinforce them as key societal pillars.

Sustainability is achieved through gaming, staking and other web3 tools. while providing web3 training to the youth.

The income is divided between the youth, the centers and Games+. The Centers then open Multisigs and can potentially become DAOs, if they so wish.

“Part of the reason, maybe the reason, I got interested in tech was video games. I think video games are a very powerful force for getting young kids interested in technology; it has way bigger knock-on effects than people may realize.”


Elon Musk

One cannot suddenly become a senior web3 solidity developer, particularly when comes from a disenfranchised neighbourhood.


It takes time and effort. We provide a step-by-step system whereby youth, now interested in tech thanks to gaming, increase their skills, resulting in potential job opportunities.


Impact+ has a pool of international solidity developers dedicating hours to the project (mentoring, training, etc.). Youth can progress from local tech support in the community centers, to online community managers and to full developers. 


Field visits to ensure games are tailored to local environments (do no harm), reach agreements with gaming platforms. First pilot in Mukuru Kuyaba,
Nairobi, Kenya


Tech development

Community build-up


Pilot. Testing and continuous evaluation.


Presentation of Games Plus in EthSafari!


Initiation of the growth phase.

Impact+ is particularly grateful for the unconditional support received by Polygon and Harmony.

Our gaming partners for the pilot phase:



At Impact+, we build customized web3 solutions when a need is detected. Our first project, Games+, is a guild for social impact whose purpose is to revamp community centers in disenfranchised neighborhoods, providing youth a safe space to access web3.